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While working with customers, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing inquiries that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed below, get in touch with us and we’ll provide the information you need.

Do I need to wear bathers?

No, you do not need to wear bathers as you will be floating in complete privacy, much as you would if you had a bath in your own home! We don’t recommend wearing bathers or underwear as these can be uncomfortable and apply pressure to your skin which is detrimental to the float tank concept of limiting your sensory distractions.  However, if you are concerned then you are more than welcome to wear bathers inside the tank.  Please be aware due to the high salt content your bathers could fade in colour.

What is the tank like?

The tank is a large pod, approximately 1.5m high with a large, easy to open hinged lid at one end. Inside the tank is a 30cm deep, 25% epsom salt solution that is kept at a constant relaxed skin temperature between 34 – 35°C.  The density of the solution ensures anyone can and will float effortlessly. 
If you are someone who tends to feel the cold more than others – it’s a good idea to let us know as we can increase the water temperature in the tank.

What if I am claustrophobic? Do I have to close the lid?

You don’t have to close the lid if you think you may be claustrophobic or worried for any reason. If you leave the lid open, you may feel cooler, so please let us know if you think you will have the lid open and we will monitor the room temperature accordingly.
Many people who are worried that they will feel claustrophobic find that once they are in the tank and see how much space there is and how easy the lid is to open/close, they are not worried at all. When you first get in we recommend you sit down and close and open the door to see how easy it is to help you feel more comfortable.

What if I can’t float or swim?

There is no need to be able to swim as the water is only 30cm deep.  Anyone – even those people who say they are unable to float in pools or the ocean can float effortlessly in the tank due to the high concentration of salt and increased density of the water.
If you are fearful of water however it is worth mentioning this at the time of booking.

What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring yourself and any of your personal toiletries/make-up/hairbrush that you may need for after.  If you have come straight from work or physical exercise you might like to bring a fresh change of clothes. We provide towels, body and hair products, earplugs and paw paw ointment to cover any minor scratches you may have.

Is the water emptied between floats?

No, the solution is thoroughly filtered between each client, long enough for the entire solution to pass through the filter, much like a pool or spa would be filtered.  Our system also uses ultra violet light for sanitation.
The salt solution contains a large quantity of high quality epsom salts and it would not be viable/possible to change it each time. It is so heavily saturated that it takes a significant amount of time for all the salt to absorb.  Our water and salt are topped up as required. The entire solution is changed a couple of times a year.
We test and record the water pH and salinity levels in the tank regularly and adjust as necessary to ensure the health and safety of all our clients.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t float?

Anyone suffering from the following is advised not to float for their own safety as well as the safety of all clients:

Extreme low blood pressure
Contagious diseases
Infectious skin conditions, including infected wounds / skin opening
Large open wounds
Diarrhoea or Gastroenteritis (Anyone with these types of symptoms should not float whilst symptoms persist and for up to 14 days after).

Anyone with the following conditions is advised to check with their health practitioner prior to floating:

Heart condition
Allergies to salts, magnesium
Severe skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema)
Mental illness

All clients should be aware that advice from a medical practitioner should be obtained before using the flotation tank after recently suffering an infectious illness. If you or your health practitioner would like more information, please do not hesitate to email/call us.

What if I have my period?

For hygiene reasons anyone who is menstruating we ask you not to float and reschedule your appointment for another time.

Can two people float together?

Whilst it is physically possible for two people to float together, we do not permit more than one person in the tank at a time. Once you have floated you will realise that the experience is quite personal and worrying about disturbing someone else lying next to you defeats the purpose of the experience.

What if I don’t like it?

If you are not enjoying your experience in the tank, then you can get out at any time.  If you are at all concerned, then please let us know and we can discuss this with you and suggest alternatives such as not closing the lid if you might feel claustrophobic, or leaving the light on.

How will I know when it’s time to get out?

You will be aware of it being time to get out by the music gently coming back on.

What if I fall asleep? Can I drown?

No. Some people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant you stay afloat. The worst that can happen is getting woken up by a bit of salt water in your eyes.

How often should I float?

There are no rules as to how often you should float, however when you start floating, it is ideal if you are able to manage 3 floats within a fairly short time say one float per fortnight for 3 sessions. We know that this isn’t always possible however and most people will find they feel real benefit from even just one float.
For long-term benefits, it is preferable to float regularly (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) to help maintain reduced stress levels, muscle tension and improve overall well-being rather than using it as a reactionary treatment when stress and tension levels are already high.  The common-sense approach that prevention is better than cure also applies to floating.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We value your time, our time and the service we provide.  The services we offer are not like a physio/chiro/beautician where your appointment might only be 30 minutes – we block out 2.5 hours for a 1 hour float. So last minute cancellations cost us dearly if we are unable to re-fill the appointment.
We request payment for all appointments to be made at time of booking either over the phone or via our booking app.  If this is not possible at time of booking, all appointments must be paid for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment time.  If a client has pre-paid & then needs to cancel, provided we have received adequate notice (24 hours) we will either refund them in full or transfer the payment to another date if they reschedule.
We do ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible when cancelling, however a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancelling or rescheduling of appointments is necessary to avoid cancellation fees.  We welcome you to send someone else along instead rather than incur a cancellation fee. For cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice clients will be charged 80% of a normal appointment cost by way of a cancellation fee. For bookings with vouchers, please note cancellation fees will be deducted from the value of the voucher as per the above description where applicable.  Where the booking is cancelled with less than 3 hours’ notice, or where a client is a no-show for the appointment, a cancellation fee of 100% of the full appointment cost will be charged.
Unfortunately, many people who are not genuinely sick use this as a way to avoid cancellation fees simply because they’ve changed their mind, or something has come up and their appointment is no longer convenient. If you think your circumstances require special consideration, please contact us to discuss on 0414 451 619.